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Volume Pills is a number one sperm volume product on the market because it has the best reputation and success rate. You'll be able to ejaculate up to 500% more cum without any risk to your health

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Detailed review of Volume Pills

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The Everlasting success story of Volume Pills

We have written this Volume Pills review to show you how this product helps to boost sperm count by 500%. This top rated product is showing amazing results according to clinical studies we've made and feedback we have from customers.


When the Volume Pills came into the market for the first time, they created a sensation like no other supplement had done ever before. Men started feeling the sheer excitement of an increase in their sperm counts, as well as an increased performance level. At the same time, there were quite number of apprehension mongers who wanted to create confusion among the users. The main reason was the sudden upsurge in satisfaction levels of the female partners. The multi-vitamin, multi-functional and multi-orgasm inducing combination naturally created a doubt about the possible intense side effects it may cause.


Volume Pills



And, of course, the ingredients did cause many unexpected side effects like:


1. An enhanced sex drive among men


The vital ingredients like Dong-Chong-Xia-Cao were responsible for this. Men, who were a spent lot within the first few seconds, started prolonging their ejaculations till their women had enough of orgasms.


2.  Whole-hearted-involvement


San-Guo-Mu, a Chinese specialty started working its wonders in case of men who had heart problems also. They were now able to experience regulated blood pressure and also a boosted sexual drive.


3. Reduced stress levels


Men started feeling suddenly empty of all the toxic elements which filled their body every day due to consistent exposure to stress and work related strain. Their diet and drink habits got balanced, and they started feeling as they were refreshed lot moments before they entered their bed and plunged into action.


reduced stress levels



4. Increased fertility rates


It looked like the men had acquired a magic wand full of semen and sperm which worried their spouses about their own ability to respond. Women started feeling elevated orgasms which never seemed to stop.


5.Transformation into Potency


Even the most impotent lot got on to their highest potency rates within a short span of time.


All these side effects were coupled with an increasing love-bondage between the couples who used this preparation led the most experts in the medical field to a belief that this bubble called Volume Pills is going to burst soon.


But, on the contrary, the bubble started growing and expanded to such a level that the men in the whole world started taking a favorable look at the pill. The completely satisfied women have experienced better and longer duration of orgasms. The ingredients like Solid, Xi LAN Rou Gui, Ku Gua, 4, 5, 7- Trihydroxyflavon and Embilica Officinalis further enhanced the testosterone, stronger erections and the ever increasing desire for copulation among the users. The success story of Volume Pills is expected to continue...

If you have steel questions after reading this review, you can visit the official Volume Pills website, where you will find the ingredients list, the "How it works" page, clinical studies results and customers testimonials


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I've taking these pills for 5 months and I see incredible results. My orgasms became more powerful. Volume Pills really work!


With Volume Pills my sex drive incresed and also sexual pleasure. It's very good pills!


My ejaculation volume increased. Thanks Volume Pills


It's very effective pills, I would reccomen it to everyone


After taking Volume Pills I noticed positive changes in semen volume and orgasm pleasure


Volumepills is a great herbal product, i can share my experience with pleasure. I did not want to buy more than 3 months supply, but now i've got 12 months, because I know it's working. I have 2 times more sperm after 3 months. I know it's not that much, but I feel better now and more confident. I will share my new results here in a few months to see if the sperm lods will be more impressive


Volume pills is a great product for those men, who is suffering from the low sperm count problem. I use it for more than 1 year. Yeah, i'm not getting a permanent result, that's why I keep using it and buy new bottles. But, anyway, it's working and the amount of sperm I ejaculate is fantastic. I like when women take my penis in the mouth and eat my sperm. That's what I like

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