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A quick note from Dr. Anil Dassi It's a clinically proven fact, that Semenax increases sperm count by 70% in 60 days Senior consultant & Medical expert
Adam Smith M.D.
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Sensitivity and Sensuality enhancers forever from Semenax


Semenax is a product that has taken over the world of sexual health by its unique characteristics. Today, you can enhance your peak performance levels in the most possible natural ways. The essential ingredients of Semenax are the Swedish-Flower, L-Lysine, and L-Arginine. They seamlessly integrate with your body elements to Increase the sexual drive.


semenax pills


Most of the times, your natural drive gets suppressed due to the ever-increasing psychological pressure at your workplace. The whole day you remain active on your schedule and as the day turns into dusk, your body tends to get affected by fatigue and your mind gets preoccupied with tension and depression. This phenomenon is reversed by the Swedish-flower, which naturally revitalizes your body and mind.


The other ingredient L-Arginine is a supportive ingredient that also plays the lead role in enhancing your sexual drives. The soothing feeling you get just before the love-play is a very vital factor in preparing you for the action. You are no longer under the grip of depression, and your drive starts taking roots from your brain cells and slowly but surely spreads into your vital nerves that connect to your penis and the surrounding sensual regions.

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The ingredients also help you in enhancing your sensual feelings during the foreplay. Many times men tend to get into a non-performance mindset due to their previous failures. The feeling is mainly due to the suppressed sexual hormone levels. The ingredient Swedish Flower clears your stress level and enables a smooth flow of the hormones in your blood flow naturally. 


The initial penetration also sometimes causes men to shudder, and this is the stage most men end up with premature ejaculation. The natural ingredients of Semenax seal the physical urge to ejaculate and help you in focusing your complete attention on pleasuring your partner. This unique phenomenon has increased the popularity if the pill.




1 month

2 months


Semen volume increased by 20%


Higher libido



Semen volume increased by 40%


Enhanced erectile function


6 months

12 months


Semen volume increased by 100%


Increased contraction strength, longer and harder erections



Semen volume increased by 200%


Longer and more intense orgasms


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As your love game proceeds, you might observe a feeling of sensuality taking over your partner as she starts moving towards her first orgasm. This is where your sustenance needs to be strengthened. Semenax eases the blood flow within your penis nerves and prolongs the love-making session. Your body develops the resistance power to withhold your own excitement and makes you go on and on.


The orgasmic feelings of your partner are now set in line with your own. You climax together, and the satisfaction of using Semenax is clearly visible in the sweat beads you set on her forehead.

Please visit the official Semenax website to find out how to order the product, what the dosage to use, what's the actual price, what results to expect. You have to know, that Semenax is a well-trusted product, that is top rated on our website. We have made this review after we received clinical studies results


Special offer
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My sperm volume became much bigger. The orgasms are fantastic. My girlfriend likes it. Thanks for this effective pills


I fell more confident after using these pills, it helps do enhance sexual performance


I have never had such great sex like with Semenax!


Thank you Semenax! You changed my life!


This supplement helps me to last longer and gives me more semen, my orgasms are more powerful


I've spent a month or so to choose an appropriate sperm volume enhancer. I bought Vimax volume pills with no results. Semenax is the right pill, I'm telling you. And it works fast, i bought only 1 bottle to try and after 7 days I saw the improvement. 2x times more sperm than usual, i even tried to masturbate daily. More sperm after 2-3 ejaculations during an hour. I'm continue to use this product, it's not expensive and provide guaranteed results


I'm happy to say that this product work for me. I use it at least 7 months and I'm satisfied with the results, because my sperm loads became stronger. I have 2 times more sperm than before. The orgasms are longer and wider thanks to Semenax

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