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Earth is an outcome of multiple reproductions. Humans or animals multiply and give birth to their species through reproduction. Reproduction is the fertilization of the egg and growth of the egg. Egg fertilization takes place when the sperm from the male fuses with the female’s egg or the ovum. This fertilization also secretes many enzymes and compounds to protect the fertilized egg.  


Male sperm usually travels to the female ovum through fluid called semen. Semen contains enzymes, which pass through the ducts and mucus along with seminal fluids carries the sperm. It acts a means of survival for the sperm. The components of the semen provide food for the sperm and help it to make it to the ovum. This fluid carries the sperm to the ovum. There is about 400 to 500 million sperm in the semen, out of which the only couple of hundreds reach the female reproductive tract and only 1 fuse with the egg.  


Fertilization follows a step by step process where it starts with the ejaculation of the sperm during copulation or sexual intercourse. This is followed by the ovulation and fertilization. Ovulation is when the sperm fuses with the egg plasma membrane, the head disconnects from the flagellum, and the egg travels down the fallopian tube and reaches the uterus. There are different methods of fertilization other than the above mentioned natural way. Artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization is where the egg is fertilized outside the womb.


Ejaculation Process


Ejaculation Process


A natural ejaculation method is when the male is stimulated naturally through sexual arousal. This leads to the erection of the penis. This causes orgasm. An orgasm that does not result in ejaculation is called the dry orgasm. The condition, in which the man is not able to ejaculate at the time or even after sexual intercourse, is known as the delayed ejaculation.

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When the penis starts to erect, the semen containing the sperm emission begins. At the beginning of the orgasm, the sperm flows through the urethra and is pushed out. The typical orgasm contains 10 to 15 contractions of the muscles. This is necessary for the orgasm. Men can easily sense the number of contractions during orgasm. Once the first contraction has taken place, ejaculation will start and will complete only after all the semen fluid is ejaculated. It is an involuntary process, and man cannot stop the semen from ejaculating once the contraction has started. This contraction is because of the spinal nerves, which react.


The refractory period is when men cannot immediately ejaculate after they have had an orgasm. They usually sense a feeling of pleasure in their groin and thighs during this period. It takes a long time for them to ejaculate again.


The force and the amount of semen ejaculated play a fundamental role in the health of the men. Low semen volume leads to a condition called hypothermia. This condition is normal for elderly people.  The number of sperm present in the semen in a single ejaculation also varies due to many factors. They are due to low levels of testosterone, age as already mentioned, stress levels and consumption of supplements.  


Pills For Sperm Volume


Quantum pills


This condition can be cured naturally through food and diet. Tomatoes, garlic, dark chocolate, berries, watermelon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and compounds, which help in naturally increasing blood supply to the penis thus, in turn, increasing the sperm count. There are artificial methods, with which one can increase the sperm volume.


The market has pills and creams to increase the sperm volume. One such daily supplement is the Quantum Pills. The idea of such supplements is, the more one builds up and releases, the more pleasure it gives. They are also called as the male climax enhancer. The primary function of these pills is to increase the intensity and length of the climax to nearly 300 percent and thus enhance the volume of the sperm to great extents. They also help in decreasing downtime between sessions so that the person consuming the pills can have a second session sooner than the one, who has not had the pills. They are developed with a formula to support erections, desire, energy, and slow ejaculation with a larger volume of sperm. They contain natural ingredients to help in prostate health and testosterone production. It is better to consult a doctor before taking Quantum Pills. It is like other male enhancement or sperm volume enhancing pills and creams. 

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