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Volume Pills
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Enhancing the sensuality of your sexual performance with Performer5


Performer 5


Today, the web-world is surrounded by many myths and mythological products which promise you a lot but deliver too little. Sometimes the compositions you get to buy online may have exactly the reverse effects rather than being a supportive element in boosting your sexual performance levels, in the long run. Before going for buying a product, it would be highly advisable for you to:


  1. Test the credentials of the product as well as the manufacturer company, safety, and side effects. 
  2. Once you are satisfied with it, you need to check the company policies regarding the quality, reliability and power-boosting capability of its products. Genuine products carry legitimate claims and are supported by reviews, likes, and feedback.
  3. You can login to any of the leading social websites and interact with millions of satisfied online users. When you take an analysis report and check the statistical data, you will be satisfied, and you can start using the composition.
  4. You can go one-step ahead and check up with your family physician regarding the acceptance levels of your body to the intended product. This will 100% guarantee the quality and the promised results with Zero side effects.


Performer5 has undergone all these acid tests and has emerged successfully. There are millions of consumers all around the world who have a record of satisfied performance. Now, let’s look at the probable reasons.

#1 Volume Pills
856 votes
94% success rate
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The compositions of Performer5 are natural and drawn mostly from herbal and botanical plants and their roots. They get easily absorbed by your:


  1. Blood-cells: the ingredients clean your blood off the toxic elements and chemicals which enter your body through the junk-food, workplace pollutants, and other factors. The ingredients of performer5 remove these toxic substances without affecting the natural hormone levels of your blood.
  2. The muscles and tissues of your sexual organ get the proper dosage of vitamins and nutrients. This increases your performance levels, especially during ecstasy and orgasmic stages.


The increased sperm count is simulated right from the activation of your brain cells at the roots. Your intimate moments with your girl simulated by the ingredients of the product can now produce 5-10 times more sperms than before.


Your erection becomes stronger; you tend to outsmart your girl into making her orgasm multiple times at the same time preserving your own for the final orgasm which you experience in unison.


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Sperm volume

Volume Pills

856 votes
Success rate 94%

Sperm volume


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Sperm volume


317 votes
Success rate 87%

After just few weeks of taking Performer5 my stamina improved a lot, my sperm volume increased, my erections became harder.


Performer5 is a very effective product. I'm so happy I've tried it


After using these pill I had no side effects, so I can confirm that it is safe


I can last longer now and me erecrions are a bit bigger then before


These pills deliver as claim. The effect is amazing. The only disadvantage is a high price

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