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Prosolution Plus
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Duramale for driving men into sexual action and female satisfaction



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Duramale is one of the hottest selling sexual endurance enhancer in the world today. The world of sexual encounters with your partner is no longer void of the fun and frolic that marked your lovemaking sessions earlier are certainly going to return, once you switch to Duramale. No woman would like to see her man melt in her arms before she has even felt the penetration of his manhood into her flowering inner walls of pleasure. But most of the men remain either ignorant or they are too innocent in understanding the levels of emotional and relational damages they are unknowingly inducing into their lives by ejaculating too early.


Well, the medical and herbal world have made a lot of progress since Adam first teased Eve into copulation, and especially today, the induction of Duramale into your bloodstream can revolutionize your entire concept about yourself and your partner.


What makes Duramale the best? The answer to this question is naturally answered with a broad smile of absolute satisfaction in the eyes of your copulating partner during the time of love-making and ever after.


The Indian-Gross-berry is one of the ingredients of Duramale which is also an essential aphrodisiac-herb. The ingredient is supple and strong enough to:


  1. Enlarge the size of the male organ.
  2. Increase the sperm-count.
  3. Enhance the pleasuring sensations of both the couple during copulation.


The elephant-creeper removes the stress-causing factors from your brain physically. The result is an enhanced vigor and vitality that you never before experienced.


The Indian-Ginseng is an anti-oxidant for removing all the toxic substances from your body muscles and nerves, in the long run. Since it remains resident in your blood for a longer time, your frequent doctor visits have come to a halt.


Pellitory is an aphrodisiac that helps in maximizing the sprouts you and your partner enjoy at the end of mutually engaging and “organizing” sessions.


Nutmeg is another aphrodisiac ingredient of Duramale, which enhances the potent and virility of your body.


The combinational effect is always an explosive lovemaking session which can run:


  1. 6-7 minutes in the first month. Your partner starts growing in confidence about you. Her murmurs have turned into soft approvals.
  2. 12-1 minutes in the first 3 months will make her sit and make a reciprocal approach to your every lovemaking advance towards her.
  3. 15-16 minutes in 5-6 months make her take the initial jump on you.


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Premature ejaculation


249 votes
Success rate 90%

I had a premature ejaculation and nothing helped me. But when I had started using Duramale I forgot about my problems. Thanks for this effective product


This stuff is really work! I gained 2 inches after 6 months


I can last longer in bed now. It really effective in premature ejaculation treatment


For me it works too! I like the results


I have been using these pills for a month now and I must say that I already see a positive results

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