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Prosolution Plus
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Why the Happiest Copulating Couples prefer Delay


A Delay in your lovemaking session is quite desirable and critical as it is applicable to your ejaculation time. Most of the times, you have wanted to stay that bit longer and found yourself running short of breath and energy at the wrong moment of time. You might have observed many promising foreplay sessions which turned out be a mere flash-in-the darkness before the lights went out and the time to say goodnight has come too soon.


Well, the Delay is here to change the entire equation upside down. Have you ever wondered what could have helped those happy couples in the advertisements you see now and then? Sometimes you might have wondered they are faking for the sake of campaigning, but when you saw your own friends and people from your close circles enjoying their married lives, you naturally are tempted to ask why and how Delay can help you in avoiding many broken relations and warped minds.



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Delay is made of herbal, botanical and other natural base ingredients. The regular consumption not only delays the ejaculation time, it also


  1. Enhances the pleasure sensations during your foreplay. This is very much an essential part of your love-making. Most of the times your physical tiredness and psychological depressions don’t allow you the freedom to love without hesitation.
  2. The ingredient somniferous, called Ashwagandha in Sanskrit is a potent maker which gives you the same performance power as that of a Horse in the wilderness galloping relentlessly.
  3. The Tribulus-Terrestris helps you in straightening out all the flaws in your blood circulating veins. It also removes many if the toxic elements which get accumulated in your body.


Delay does not produce any of those side effects as it contains no chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Hence, the erection you get is sustained for a longer duration compared to your pre-dosage period.




The supplement has shown practical results, which are reflected in your own experience in the first month where you can touch 6-8 minutes. In 3 months, you have reached 12-14 minutes and In 6 months your love-mate can feel your pleasuring capacity reach above 15-18 minutes mark.


Your “mutual-copulation” in love-making is going to enhance your emotional and relational balances over a long time. You feel the sense of belongingness takes over your life


The increasing numbers of likes and positive reviews in all the leading social websites have shown the large scale acceptance by the millions of happy couples to Delay their explosions         


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I had a premature ejaculation and nothing helped me. But when I had started using Duramale I forgot about my problems. Thanks for this effective product.


Delay is the best pills I have ever tried. My erectiond become harder and I can go for a half an hour


I would recommend these pills to everyone who wants to stop premature ejaculation


I agree, it really helps last longer in bed.


Even my wife noticed a difference. It has worked wonders!

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