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X4 Labs Penis Pump


If you are like most men, then you probably want to be good in bed. In fact, you probably want to be great in bed and satisfy your parents every time you get involved in sexual activity. This is quite natural. However, many men believe, that their penis is small. Some of them are right, but even those, who have penises with average size, can benefit from a larger penis. That’s why men have been looking for the best solution for penis enlargement for centuries. Over all these years, they have found some methods that provide certain results. So, today men use creams, lotions, solutions, unique rubbing techniques, surgeries, pills, and penis pumps. Many of them say that the use of a penis pump is the perfect solution because it has helped most of the users, and this method is quite simple.


Penis Pumps have been present in the market for more than two decades. However, every year, the market is enriched with a few new models, that come with more sophisticated features and promise better results. It can be quite difficult to find out, which pumps work and which ones are not useful. This is the reason, why you must read thorough reviews. The following is a review dedicated to X4 Labs Penis Pump, one of the best selling pumps today.


How does X4 Labs Penis Pump work?

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95% success rate
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The basic principles used in the creation of this device have remained the same as the ones used in other successful penis pumps in the past. Namely, the X4 Labs Penis Pump is created in a way, that helps users boost blood flow to the penis and blood circulation in the penis. In other words, the creators had one thing in mind – penis enlargement with the help of optimal blood flow.

X4 Labs Penis Pump relies on the induction of vacuum pressure around the penis. So, whenever the user wears the cylinder on the penis, the device delivers particular vacuum force, that makes the blood buildup in the penile area. As a result of this buildup, the penile tissues in the so-called corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue) become larger and the cells found in them, start breaking down. Of course, the body restores the cells, but the new cells are not larger. The final result is a bigger penis.


Prior to the use of X4 Labs Penis Pump, the cells found in the penis of the user are usually stable, but they are not very hard. The objective of the device is to divide these cells carefully, slowly and efficiently. Thanks to the specially designed traction, created by the X4 Labs Penis Pump, the body produces two new cells from one existing cell. On top of that, these cells are larger.


It’s good to point out that the X4 Labs Penis Pump is an entirely safe product. Many doctors and experts have approved the use of vacuum constriction as a way to increase the size and thickness of the penis and even for treating ED. Additionally, the parts of this pump are made from safe rubber and plastic that was clinically tested.


What does the X4 Labs Penis Pump product include?


The basic package comes with one unique X4 Labs Penis Pump and a Premium Lubricant sample. In addition, you can find many positive reviews from satisfied users on the Internet. The pump is here to provide the increased size of the penis, improved blood flow and blood circulation, zero penis curvature, and increased sexual stimulation and sensitivity.


X4 Labs Penis Pump


The primary objective of the X4 Labs Penis Pump is to boost the girth and length of the penis with the help of induced cellular separation and to increase the size of cavities, located all over the penis. Another great thing about this penis pump is the fact that it provides benefits to men, who are dealing with Peyronie’s disease. In case you didn’t know, this is a condition usually caused by a simple scar tissue. This is a plaque that is created along the penis in the corpora cavernosa area. The use of X4 Labs Penis Pump can reduce the curvature by 90%, making it a great option for those, who want to avoid surgical procedures.


There is no need to request a prescription to buy the X4 Labs Penis Pump. In addition, the product comes with straightforward video and instructions. It won’t take much time before you figure out, how to use this device in the best way and without any risks of injuries.




There are ten X4 Labs Penis Pump editions, created for different categories of people. For instance, the extreme ultimate edition comes with male enhancement supplements, a pump, penis exercises, and a traction therapy. On the other hand, the starter edition has everything you need to begin the process of penis enlargement efficiently and safely. Besides these editions, there are deluxe, Peyronie’s Deluxe, Premium, Peyronie’s Premium, Extreme Premium, Anniversary Ultra, Peyronie’s Professional, and Gold Luxury Edition.


Advantages of using X4 Labs Penis Pump


This is a product that is backed by medical experts and comprehensive evidence. In addition to the fact that X4 Labs Penis Pump can help men increase their penis length, it can also assist them with Peyronie’s disease and curved penis. Only a small number of men have not witnessed positive results. If you are one of them, you can get a full refund, in case you return the product in less than six months.


Disadvantages of using X4 Labs Penis Pump

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304 votes
95% success rate
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The only way to purchase this product is over the Internet, but for most people, this is actually a huge advantage.


Final words


Many people are skeptical when someone suggests the use of penis pumps. However, X4 Labs Penis Pump has proven to be effective for most users. It is made of durable and high-quality materials. It is easy to use and comes with a money back guarantee. Visit the X4 Labs Official site to learn more about the product and make the purchase from the official distributor.

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