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Titan Gel
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Dr. Jerry LeBlanc, Ed.D.
Detailed review of Titan Gel

MSW, DHS, Ph.D. Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

Why do you need a male enhancement gel?



Enjoying sex, especially when you are in a relationship is one of the best experiences that a man can get. Unfortunately, there is an enormous number of relationships that lose their quality because of specific bedroom issues. In most cases, we are talking about man’s inability to give their best in the bed. Even though there are many other things that affect relationships, the truth is that poor sex life always has negative consequences.



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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a huge problem for many men because a situation like this affects not only the relationship between partners, but it also affects self-confidence and self-esteem in men. However, modern men should know that this problem can be solved. For more than a decade now, scientists and doctors are introducing different ways to improve male stimulation – surgeries, pills, pumps, extenders, creams, and gels.

Before we go into details, let’s say that surgery should be your last option. Namely, when surgery is used for male enhancement especially for penile lengthening, this procedure doesn’t guarantee any success. But, what it guarantees for sure is a lengthy recovery period, pain and high price. So, it is quite natural that a lot of men avoid these surgeries and opt for more natural solutions.



It’s good to know that male enhancement gels, supplements like VigRx Plus, penis extenders (#1 is Quick Extender Pro) and penis pumps(Bathmate Hydromax) are becoming more popular because of their efficiency. This is a risk-free solution that has helped many men.


Obviously, not all male enhancer gels are the same, so that’s why we have decided to review one of these gels that have led to many positive online reviews – Titan Gel



What’s the secret behind Titan Gel efficiency?




Whenever you are interested in using male enhancement creams and gels, make sure that you have read the list of ingredients carefully.

When it comes to Titan Gel, this product seems to include some very potent ingredients, and many of them were used for a long time, but independently. So, this is the first time that these elements are found in one product in the right dosage.

In fact, you can get permanent penis growth if you also take supplements aka  VigRx Plus and use penis stretching device like Quick Extender Pro. You can enlarge your penis faster and your results will be permanent. The secret of successful penis enlargement strategy is a combination of different methods. Titan Gel is important because it's a part of the penis enlargement routine.


Titan Gel includes natural androgen precursors and vasodilators. Vasodilators are a category of compounds that have the ability to improve blood circulation and make the veins and capillaries much bigger. Since the veins are stretched to the maximum, this means that they can receive more blood.

They can also keep this blood for a long time. As a result of this change, the penis can achieve much fuller, stronger and powerful erections. But the ingredients of Titan Gel are much more powerful and give a better effect


On the other hand, Titan Gel includes some androgen precursors too. These compounds support the natural production of testosterone in the body. Whenever something like this happens, and the levels of testosterone are boosted, you can experience increased sex drive and optimization of a sexual function. Obviously, your penis will be much larger too.


Titan Gel is effective thanks to natural ingredients like strawberry and Verbena extracts and specific acids like Succinic acid and Hyaluronic acid. The presence of menthol makes this product easier for the application. The only problem with Titan Gel itself - you can enjoy the topical effect.


That's why a lot of men use Titan Gel for jelqing purposes in their penis enlargement program, that consists of penis stretching routine(use Quick Extender Pro), penis pumping(Bathmate Hydromax) and nutrition(VigRx Plus)



The Timeline of Titan Gel effects




Although the results of this topical gel are not immediate, it won’t take much time before you notice these changes.

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 To put it simply, you can enjoy much better sex life after a short period of time without any risks to your health.


    • During the first week of using this gel, you will notice that the changes in the dimensions of your manhood won’t be visible. But, there are cases when men have experience 0.5 to 1 cm increase in the first week. However, what you will notice right away is the strength of the erections. Namely, the erections will become powerful, and your penis will be very stiff. In addition, they will last longer than before.

    • During the second and third week which is the primary phase of this natural treatment with Titan Gel, you will witness a significant change. The penis will start becoming thicker and longer, and this is something that you can see with your own eyes. Of course, you can also measure the penis before and after for more accurate results. At the same time, the erections will stay strong and you will be able to enjoy sex for a much longer period of time.

    • When you enter the fourth week, you will see that your penis has reached maximum dimension. You can expect an increase of about 5 cm or around 2 inches. You will also start to experience much more intense sexual intercourse and orgasm. Even the ejaculation will be stronger. This is not a surprise because Titan Gel is a complete male enhancement gel.


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What are the advantages of using Titan Gel? 


While it is true that we have already mentioned some of the benefits of using Titan Gel, it is also true that we have never summarized them in one place. So, to start with, Titan Gel enhances the quality of sexual life in men, and this is definitely something that their partners will appreciate too. It is much easier to satisfy your partner when you provide them pleasure from the first moment of penetration.


Furthermore, Titan Gel is able to make these erections last for a long period of time and helps men prevent premature ejaculation, a problem present in more than 20% of men. Another great thing about using Titan Gel is the fact that this gel provides fast recovery after the sexual intercourse is completed. So, if you feel that you and your partner can enjoy another round, it will help you.


Titan Gel advantages


Titan Gel delivers long-lasting results. So, if you had any problems and this gel has solved them you can forget about them because they will be gone for good. Thanks to this gel, you will stay away from addiction, allergies, and adverse effects.

The list of advantages of using Titan Gel is very long, and it is almost impossible to find any downsides to this product. This is the reason why every man should try Titan Gel.


How to order Titan Gel




Titan Gel costs 49 EUR, you can visit the official site link and place an order.

Titan Gel is available in a limited amount of countries. Choose your country below, if you do not see your country in the table, it means that you can't order Titan Gel









The Czech Republic







Russian Federation


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$ 15.8 - 1 tube
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Can be shipped to Ukraine


30 47%


20 31%


11 17%
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I very pleased with the results I have received with Titan Gel. I have found a great penis exercises program and Titan gel helped me to improve my penis enhancement routine. I have gained 2 inches.


I use Titan gel according to the instruction I have found on forums. This gel is the first thing I tried and I am a satisfied customer. You do not have to pay a lot of money for pills, just use cream and make jelqing/kegels


It's been 3 months since I started to use titangel. It's much more effective to exercises penis with this amazing gel, that helps me to grow day by day. My results: 1.8 inches in 3 months


I use Titan gel along with my penis enlargement routine, consisted of Jelqing and Kegel exercises. What's the point? I have improved my results by 500% at least. I mean my erections became harder and the penis size has improved significantly. +1.5 inches in 60 days. I spend 10 minutes a day doing the exercises with Titan Gel applied. I think it's worth to spend a few minutes a day to permanently increase penis size. I feel more blood is coming to penis chambers after Titan gel usage. The price is only 49 EUR, affordable


I am happy to say that Titan Gel is a magical cream that works for men, who want to enlarge their penis. I apply it and use according to the instruction, my exercises take only 5 minutes of my time daily. I have gained 0.5 inches in a 3 weeks, now I have a great motivation to continue to use this gel


I have ordered this cream online and it was delivered to Koala Lumpur directly. I am the happiest men, who uses titan gel daily for 20-30 minutes doing my exercise program. It's absolutely free to use, found on forum. I have tried different exercises and penis stretching device for 6-8 months with no luck in penis enlargement. Titan Gel is a powerful product, that is easy to use and track results

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