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American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction American Board of Urology

There is no doubt that sexual life is important for every individual. It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about single people or married people or men or women – we all want to have good sexual health and sexual life. There are situations where men experience sexual issues and difficulties. Many of them feel embarrassed and decide to remain silent about these problems. As a result of their inactivity, their lives are ruined. Obviously, they are not aware that there is a way to solve this issue, and this solution comes in the form of male enhancement pills.


Things like a weak and short-lasting erection, premature ejaculation and poor sex drive have been bothering men for hundreds of years, so it is no surprise why our ancestors were looking for answers from Mother Nature. Today, thanks to modern technology manufacturers are able to unite these useful ingredients in one formula and create pills that are extremely efficient.


According to hundreds of satisfied users, ProSolution pills are one of the best tablets of this type found on the market today. These tablets were useful for men suffering from a wide range of sexually-related problems, and they are now recommending these pills to other men in need.





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In order to learn more about ProSolution pills, one should spend some time analyzing the ingredients found in them. It is interesting that all the ingredients found in it are safe and come from nature. On top of that, the creators of these pills have found the perfect ratio and created an incredibly efficient formula. As a matter of fact, taking ProSolution pills is not good only for the sexual health of the consumer, but for their overall health. Now let’s check the main ingredients found in Prosolution pills.


  1. Korean Ginseng – the manufacturer has decided to use Korean Ginseng in ProSolution pills because this herb has the ability to make erections more efficient. This means that this particular kind of Ginseng extends the duration of erection, its thickness, and power leading to memorable sexual satisfaction in both men and their partners. Many doctors recommend Korean Ginseng for treating erectile dysfunction.
  2. Solidin – several scientific studies have shown that the components of Solidin enhance sexual desire and stimulation. With its help, men are more confident in bed. It also boosts the intensity of orgasms.
  3. Apigenin and AMLA – these two ingredients are present in ProSolution pills because they are loaded with vitamin C which is ideal for sexual performance and bodily functions in general. In addition, apigenin fights free radicals in the body and prevents cancer. Its fundamental goal is to improve the work of internal organs.
  4. Momordica – this ingredient is part of ProSolution pills due to the fact that it is suitable for the sexual performance in men. It can also ease the symptoms of indigestion and diabetes which often interrupt male sexual functionality. Once Momordica starts working it lowers the level of bad fat and boosts testosterone production. This ingredient is rich in vitamin C and promotes the production of semen.
  5. Cordyceps – ProSolution pills also contain cordyceps, mushrooms that boost the production of testosterone and increase sexual desire.


Additionally, these tablets contain drillizen and Zinc.


The science behind ProSolution Pills


ProSolution pills

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One of the things that make ProSolution pills different than the others is their ability to resolve physical and psychological problems that lead to sexual dysfunction and difficulties. The original formula used for the creation of this product makes it very efficient and helps men with a myriad of intimate problems.


In case you didn’t know, the basis of almost every sexual problem is in blood supply, and this is exactly how ProSolution pills can help. Namely, they can improve the work of the entire cardiovascular system, boost blood supply to the penile region and ultimately improve the sexual performance of almost every man. With its help, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness of blood vessels and keep them healthy all the time. The penis will receive sufficient amount of blood to get the necessary strength for an extended period of time.


What do ProSolution pills provide?


The most important thing that men can expect from these pills is the increase in penis size. According to some surveys, 8 out of 10 men are not satisfied with the size of their penis. This is why ProSolution pills are becoming so popular. Thanks to the improved blood flow, men can get excellent erections and impress their partners.


In addition, when men take ProSolution pills as advised, they are able to delay ejaculation. Premature or relatively quick ejaculation is a serious problem for many men, but they can expect to overcome this issue by using ProSolution pills.


What makes ProSolution pills attractive?


ProSolution pills

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With so many male enhancement pills out there, it is easy to get confused. However, there are certain things that make ProSolution pills more logical and attractive option compared to other tablets.


For instance, they are based on natural ingredients and don’t come with any serious side effects. Furthermore, these pills are not used just to solve some existing sexual problems in men. They can be used to improve performance in bed by enhancing their sexual desire and boosting the level of testosterone. In other words, by using ProSolution pills, you can expect unforgettable sexual intercourses and strengthen the relationship and intimacy with your partner.


Advantages of using Prosolution Pills


  1. Postponed ejaculation for a long-lasting sexual satisfaction;
  2. Memorable sexual intercourses;
  3. Natural formula with almost no side effects;
  4. Better penis size;
  5. Enhanced sexual desire;
  6. Several bonuses in the package;
  7. Money back guarantee policy.


Disadvantages of using ProSolution Pills


ProSolution pills


Some users complain that the pills don’t come with a detailed list of ingredients, but the manufacturer says that the only reason why they keep this as a secret is to protect their unique formula.




ProSolution pills are present on the market for many years, and they have managed to create an army of satisfied users. If we take all its features and level of success, we can freely say that ProSolution pills guarantee an excellent return on investment.

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Prosolutionpills in a combination with Jelqing exercises helped me to enlarge my penis. I have spent 5 months before it started to work, but I as a satisfied customer. My penis is 2cm bigger and that's enough to satisfy my partner. That was my goal! P.S. I have seen no side effects


I bought 12 months supply of Prosolution pills becaue I know this product for years, I never thought i buy it or any other penis enlargement supplement, but i was surprised, that my penis is 1 inch bigger than before. I'm talking about flaccid and erected condition. So it is a real penis enlargement, that my surgeon offered me for 3000$. It's better to buy pills that work, than make costly surgery and struggle from side effects

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