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Rock Hard Weekend
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Are Rock Hard Weekend Erection Pills Worth Trying?


Rock Hard Weekend


Let’s find out whether its prominent name meets its claims and whether it deserves our attention, time and money.

What is Rock Hard Weekend?

Rock Hard Weekend (RWH) is a pill formulated to improve and increase erections in men. RWH supplement is produced by Rockhard Laboratories, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. And it is a great plus as we can suppose that the quality is high. The pills provide an immediate effect and ensure:


  1. Big and rock-hard erections;
  2. 72-hour enhancement effect;
  3. Better sex sensations and pleasure for both, you and your partner.

What ingredients does RWH contain?

The supplement is safe as it contains only natural herbs and botanicals:


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  1. Niacin that is vitamin B3 and a key compound of RHW (clinically tested and FDA approved)
  2. L-arginine that is an amino acid increasing nitric oxide in the body
  3. Korean Ginseng that is a stimulant boosting male sexual desire and drive
  4. Ginkgo Biloba that improves the blood circulation in the body and helps treat low libido, erectile dysfunction, and impotence
  5. Maca Root Extract that is used as an aphrodisiac

All the ingredients are properly dosed and can be found in lots of other male enhancers. However, you should consult your physician before you start taking the supplement if you are prescribed any medications. Otherwise, the combination can cause side-effects. 

Before 2009, the company used a different formula that included sulfoaildenfil, an undeclared drug ingredient. It prevented from approving the supplement, and the formula was changed to meet the health criteria. 

How does RWH work?

The company recommends taking one pill 30 minutes before your sexual activity. Its effect can last up to 72 hours. But if you want to get the best results, you can take one pill every 24 hours. 

When searching the Internet you can find a lot of the RHW reviews, and most of them are good

One guy described his experience as unexpectedly perfect. He took a pill in the evening and was waiting for the action. In  30 minutes (as claimed by the company), he felt nothing special but noticed slight arousal. 10 minutes more passed, and his penis started bulging. That night, the erection was as firm as never and subsided by 25% or so only after he had experienced orgasm. In some minutes, his penis got fully erected again. 

Such a big and long erection surprises a lot of customers. The supplement helps get aroused and last longer in bed. Some men report that it is not common for them to get erected after orgasm, but the pill can do wonders. Besides, no side-effects are caused. 

There are also men who have noticed small changes, and some say that the previous formula has been more effective and powerful. But in most cases, the RHW pills do work!

Where to purchase RHW


Rock Hard Weekend shots


The pills are available online – on an official website. It is the best site where you can purchase the supplement and be sure of its quality. 

It is not recommended to purchase the RHW pills from Amazon or eBay, as there are a lot of fakes that can harm your health. 

Bottom Line

Firm and big erection in 30 to 40 minutes, longer-lasting sex activity, erections after an orgasm – these all are what you get when you take RockHard Weekend. The supplement really helps you enjoy sex in full and satisfy your partner a never before. With safe and natural ingredients and no side-effects, it deserves our attention, time and money. 

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This supplement has really potential ingredients, that's why I decided to try it. And no wonder that is gives good results


With these pills my erections are harder and longer lasting and orgasms are incredible.

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