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Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

NeoSize XL

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Let’s be honest – the majority of men around the globe are not pleased with the strength and size of their penises. Also, most of them would like to provide better performance in bed too. A penis that is below average size or a particular erectile issue can make men feel depressed. They lose self-confidence too and as a result of that their performance in bed is even worse. There are many males, who only accept this fact and don’t want to think about their sexual health and performance. But, they probably don’t know that there is more than one way to solve this problem.


One of the simplest and most efficient solutions is to opt for male enhancement pills. These tablets are specially designed to address common sexual problems in modern men of all ages – from low libido and erectile dysfunction to penis size. Obviously, there are many products like this on the market, but they don’t come with the same quality. If you want to get all benefits from these pills, you should read some reviews. The following is a review of NeoSize XL – a very popular penis enlargement product.


What is NeoSize XL and How It Works?


NeoSize XL is one of the best-selling penis enlargement supplements today. According to some experts, one of the reasons for this is the fact that this product is approved by doctors and clinically tested. This is critical because not all of these products have been tested and approved. Such approval means that the product is following certain standards in this field. But, what is worth mentioning is that NeoSize XL will not only help you with your penis size, but it will also enhance your performance in bed and help you enjoy long-lasting sexual encounters with your partner.


NeoSize XL is based on an entirely natural formula that acts in few ways. First of all, the unique ingredients found in it will improve blood flow to the penis. It is evident that such change will lead to stronger, more durable, and bigger erections. Also, this product also supports the secretion of androgens, compounds that have an impact on penile muscles and sexual sensitivity. NeoSize XL is a male enhancement product that also boosts stamina. It makes the muscle mass go up and makes the male reproductive system stronger. Because NeoSize XL is based on natural ingredients, we can freely say that this product is good for the overall health. The company says that this product can help people eliminate stress and depression. These two things can certainly have a negative impact on sexual performance. Finally, there is evidence that NeoSize XL supports the regeneration of damaged nerves located in the penis. This is a huge problem for many men, who have erectile dysfunction. NeoSize XL is designed in a way, which guarantees a continuous increase in penis girth and size.


What’s Inside NeoSize XL?


NeoSize XL ingredients

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The unique formula based on all-natural ingredients is the source of power of this popular male enhancement product. On top of that, the manufacturer is using only premium-quality ingredients so that you can rest assured. There are no traces of chemical components or impurities that can create side effects in users. We will now focus on essential ingredients that are part of this product.


  1. Argyreia Speciosa or Elephant Creeper is a well-known ingredient used in Ayurvedic medicine. It works as an aphrodisiac and tonic. Several trials have shown that it supports greater sperm count. Also, it provides nootropic, antistress, and antioxidant effects.
  2. Puncture Vine – also known as Tribulus Terrestris is a popular ingredient found in modern male enhancement pills. Just like Elephant Creeper, it has been part of Chinese and Indian folk medicine for hundreds of years. The latest studies have confirmed that this plant can strengthen erections and enhance sexual function in general. It’s also a good natural aphrodisiac.
  3. Indian Kudzu – this plant which is also known as Pueraria Tuberosa is a very powerful natural tonic. Numerous patients claim that this plant has helped them solve some sexual disorders because it acts as an aphrodisiac too. It’s also good to know that it triggers sexual arousal too.
  4. Lubbock Tree – this is one of the ingredients that are exclusive for this product because it can rarely be found in other products of this kind. Albizzia Lebbeck or Lubbock Tree is a potent aphrodisiac and an efficient brain tonic. People use it to get rid of stress and anxiety too, which ultimately enhances their performance in bed.
  5. Tinospora Gulancha – this herb is mentioned in Ayurvedic scripts as a highly-efficient rejuvenator and immunity booster. The antidepressant and antioxidant effects it provides makes men more durable in bed.


What’s Good About NeoSize XL?


  1. A doctor approved and clinically tested product;
  2. All-natural product;
  3. It supports natural penis growth and sexual function in men;
  4. It comes with a money-back guarantee;
  5. Provides quick results.


Good About NeoSize XL

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What’s Bad About NeoSize XL?


It doesn’t work for everyone, but most people have reported positive effects.


Final Verdict


NeoSize XL is one of the best-selling male enhancement pills on the market today. After reviewing all its properties, we know why. Namely, this is a supplement that relies on some of the best ingredients in the world. These ingredients have been used by practitioners of alternative medicine for many years, and they have also been part of different folk medicines. Today, this product is clinically tested, so it is backed by scientific evidence too.


The male enhancement product market is very popular today, and this is the reason why so many manufacturers want to sell their products, which they advertise as very efficient. However, only a small number of supplements can provide such results. In our experience, NeoSize XL is certainly one of these male enhancement products.

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