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It’s not a secret that time takes our strength, vigor, and virility. When time goes by, men notice that their energy becomes lower, they feel less sexual desire, sex appetite, and stamina; they experience that the penis is not as hard and firm as it has been before.


Aging is an inevitable span in our life. But our strength and youth are within our grasp. If a man feels that his manhood fades, it’s not a ground for losing heart. Nowadays, you may purchase a great variety of products designed for men to support and improve their male health and potency, and increase their self-confidence. The matter is to find a product that can actually help you promote your intimate relations without any harm to your body and organism.


Thus, men are recommended seeking for natural supplements developed in certified laboratories and meeting all standards. These pills will be the best way out for those who want to become a real sex giant, impress their partners in the bedroom and enjoy incredible sexual sensations. So, one of such products is ExtenZe. Let’s have a look at how this supplement works and what it can ensure to its male customers.


About ExtenZe


1 month

2 months


+0.3 inches to your penis length and girth


Harder erections



+ 0.6 inches to your penis length and girth


Bigger and more frequent erections


6 months

12 months


+2 inches to your penis length and girth


Increased endurance for longer lasting sessions



+ 3.inches to your penis length and girth


Massively intense and electrifying orgasms, easier and more reliable sexual response


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This is a male enhancement pill formulated to make sex awesome. The daily dose of ExtenZe can ensure that you immediately experience:


  1. Recurrent and firmer erections;
  2. Higher vitality and longer-lasting performance;
  3. Explosive loads;
  4. Fantastic and powerful orgasms.


The pills are a dietary supplement that does not require any prescription. Therefore, you can forget about embarrassing doctors’ visits, expensive consultations, and high prices for dangerous drugs, injections, erection devices or surgeries.


ExtenZe in Action


ExtenZe in Action

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This product is a revolutionary male enhancement capsule designed to enlarge and strengthen erections. In other words, your erect penis will become longer and fuller.


The formula is based on the blend of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals that guarantee fantastic results almost in all cases. However, the results may vary as men’s bodies are different and can react to the supplement individually. If you take ExtenZe as instructed by the manufacturer, you will definitely experience the increased erections.


You are recommended using the tablets on a daily basis to achieve the highest effects. You should take one capsule every day for approximately eight weeks to get the desired erections and last in bed as long as you want to. To ensure optimum gains in penile strength and growth, you should continue using the supplement at least for three to four months.


ExtenZe works by dilating blood vessels in the body and stimulating more blood to flow to the penile area. In such a case, the chambers absorb a lot of blood that makes you penis erect. And this erection is rock-hard as the blood does not outflow unless you cum.


These natural pills do not cause any side-effects as they are the blend of herbs and minerals. However, you should carefully read the list of ingredients to be sure that you have no allergies to any of them. Otherwise, please consult your healthcare provider to avoid any unpleasant cases. If you notice any skin rash when taking the supplement, you should immediately stop using it and visit a doctor.


ExtenZe Formula


ExtenZe Formula

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The supplement contains 100% natural ingredients, which nourish your body with vitamins required to ensure the proper functioning of all genital tissues and cells and, thus, improve erections, sexual performance, and endurance.


All the ingredients are thoroughly selected, checked and dosed to create an adequate formula, which can promote your sexual health without any risks and side-effects. Here is the full list of the ExtenZe formula:


  1. Astragalus;
  2. Black Pepper;
  3. Boron;
  4. Damiana;
  5. Folate;
  6. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid;
  7. Ginger;
  8. Hops;
  9. Horny Goat Weed;
  10. Ho Shou Wu;
  11. Korean Ginseng;
  12. L-Arginine;
  13. Licorice;
  14. Muira Puama;
  15. Piper Longum;
  16. Pregnenolone;
  17. Pumpkin;
  18. Stinging Nettle;
  19. Tribulus Terrestris;
  20. Velvet Deer Antler;
  21. Xanthroparmelia Scabrosa;
  22. Yohimbe;
  23. Zinc.


Place to Purchase ExtenZe


 Place to Purchase ExtenZe


Visit the official ExtenZe website to make you order safely. Thus, you may avoid scammers and fakes, which can harm your health. A one-month package costs USD 59.95. But the company offers its customers discounts:


  1. 2-month supply: USD 109.95
  2. 3-month supply: USD 159.95
  3. 6-month supply: USD 309.95


If you order two or more month supplies, you will get a bonus gift – ExtenZe Lube that is available with a silicone or water base.


All orders come with discreet packages, and no one sees what is inside. Each customer will also get a 67-day money-back guarantee. You have two months to try out the product and give your opinion. If you are dissatisfied with the gained results, you should send up to two empty packs and other (if purchased) unopened boxes back to the company within 67 days of the receipt of your order. The manufacturer will refund you in full excluding shipping and handling fees.


The customers are provided with such a great satisfaction guarantee as the company is sure of the high quality of its product. So, make your choice and enjoy your absolutely new sex life!

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