How To Make Your Sperm Healthy

How To Make Your Sperm Healthy
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Are you trying to conceive a child, but all your efforts in vain because she or he is not looking after their health? Healthy babies require two healthy parents. It is important for both parents to make a diet ans lifestyle changes necessary for healthy eggs, sperm and finally a beautiful baby.

Certainly one concession challenge that has had a dramatic rise in the last few decades is the increase in male infertility. I cannot emphasize enough how important male health is in creating optimal fertility for couple and issue with sperm are affecting fertility is more common than most people think.

So the question is: are you guys working with healthy sperm? Let me give you just a couple examples of factors that have been proven to damage sperm health.

What about electromagnetic frequencies? Do you use a cellphone or computer? And do you carry them on your body? And what about cigarette smoking? Do you drink caffeinated drinks or alcohol? What about pesticides and hormones in the food you are eating? Or the toxins in your environment as is in you home, in your office, in your car or even in your personal care products?

Do you keep your boys cool? Testicles really need to be kept cool for healthy sperm. Do not bath in very hot water.


Do not store your phone in the trouser pocket and do not place your laptop on your laps.


Overweight can also reduce sperm count. So you should exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.


Avoid excessive usage of lubes and vaginal tablets, they can also cause sperm death.


Zinc deficiency can be a reason of a low sperm count. Consume products that are high in Zinc.

Consume semen enhancement supplements. They will help to increase you sperm count. Take Bigralis, for example.

Anabolic steroid use can lower your sperm count.

Do not wear tight underpants.

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