How To Enhance Sperm Health

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Age does matter when it comes to sperm health If 49 years old woman cannot conceive naturally, a 49-year-old man can get a woman who is fertile pregnant. However, the quality of the sperm and the mobility of the sperm actually decrease with age.

At 25 about 8% of men will not have father a child after been trying for a year. At 35 it goes up to something like 50%. So age of the father does have an impact on how long it takes to conceive and its expenditure with age.

If your partner is not a heavy drinker, just an occasional drinker and if he smoke on the regular basis that is probably is going to have a great impact on sperm mobility and sperm quality.

It takes about 100 days, a good three months, to turn over sperm in the body. So what your partner is doing now is going to impact on the sperm health that he creates and releases in three months time.

Generally men are recommended to add a little bit of Zinc to their diet. They might eating a lot more pumpkin seeds or oysters or could be taking 20 milligrams of elemental Zinc a day.


A good multiviamin C as well if he is not as healthy as he could be and of corse increase the organic leafy green and orange vegetables in the diet.

Sit down and talk through your commitment to getting healthy, to try to have a healthy pregnancy and to get pregnant faster and going through some other things that may be important to both of you about raising a child you have not done already. About how you take care of their health, schooling, and other things in the relationships like money. Who is going to work, who is not going to work

If woman pregnant or has a small child, these are the places where the cracks can show.

So a little bit more than just Zinc and multivitamin C are also encourage your partner if he has not already to have the sperm count and for them to look at the quality and quantity of sperm.

It is more convenient to take herbal supplements like Performer5. They are proved to be effcetive for semen enhancement.

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