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How to Delay premature ejaculation using herbal supplements

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More than half of all men on the planet are affected by various intimate issues. However, most of them cannot face the truth and admit their insolvency in bed. “Quickdraw” is the insulting name given to a man who suffers from premature ejaculation. These problems are associated with psychological factors or a chemical imbalance in the body. To get rid of them, you could use contemporary remedies, such as Delay. Learn more about premature ejaculation on Wikipedia.


This remedy has no side effects, which makes it a great choice for any adult man.


 The composition of Delay includes:


    • Cnidium Monnieri;
    • The dodder extract;
    • Simplicifolia Griffonia;
    • Passiflora Incarnate;
    • Pyridoxine;
    • Black pepper;
    • Elettaria cardamomum.


It also contains several other herbal supplements that provide delayed ejaculation.


The composition of Delay


 The Advantages Of This Supplement Are:


    • Enhanced sexual function; firm and stable erections;

    • Prolonged sexual intercourse and orgasm;

    • Normalized hormonal levels;

    • Improved sensitivity during sexual intercourse;

    • Strengthening of the male body as a whole.


The supplement's effectiveness is 98%, as confirmed by clinical trials. Worth noting, Delay has no side effects and contraindications. You should take three premature ejaculation pills a day for two weeks. Please note that if you already take any medication, you should consult with your doctor before starting a course of Delay.



How Long Until I See The Results?



You'll notice the first improvements as soon as on the fourth or fifth day. To solidify the result, it's recommendable to repeat the course of premature ejaculation treatment in 2-3 months. Delay is manufactured in the tableted and spray forms. It takes effect within five minutes after you apply it to your penis. You can use the spray as an urgent help when you need a fast and impressive result.


Any customer should only purchase Delay premature ejaculation pill from legitimate distributors or through official websites. Otherwise, there is a risk of buying a fake product that may harm your health.