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Bathmate Hydromax vs Penomet Pump Comparison 2018

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Bathmate Originals


Does a man have no choice but to live all his life with what nature has endowed him with? Men who are not inspired by their penis size occasionally ask such questions. There is an excellent solution to their issue: the special-design hydro-penis pumps. Such devices help to both improve the quality of erections and magnify the penis by a few centimeters. You won't have to take any pills or go under the surgeon's knife.



Hoe does Bathmate Hydromax penis pump work?



An effective penis stimulator can magnify your penis size by 2-3 cm in just a few months. To obtain this result, you should devote at least 20 minutes a day to pumping. Worth noting, you can do the exercises while showering or taking a bath. The hydro-pump utilizes the water vacuum principle.

After the water has filled the cylinder, the user inserts his penis into it. The device removes the excess water, creating a water vacuum inside the container. It affects the penis, improving the blood flow. This stirs up the process of cell division, which leads to an increase in the girth and length of the penis.


 The Advantages of Using Bathmate Hydromax:


    • Enhanced potency resulting from improved blood circulation in the pelvic organs;

    • Quick penis growth as a result of the strong vacuum;

    • Warm water in the cylinder expands all the vessels and capillaries in the penis, improving the supply of oxygen to its tissues;

    • Significant enlargement of both the girth and length of the penis;

    • Pumping does not take much time but delivers a stunning result.


If you do the exercises regularly, your penis will also grow regarding thickness by 25%.




How does Penomet pump work



This hydro-pump works just like the one described above. However, Penomet allows achieving even better results when it comes to the girth of the penis: up to 30%. As for the length, it grows by up to 3 cm, provided that you use the device regularly. It suffices to do 15-20 minutes of pumping every day for several months. Also, Penomet will make your erections firmer and longer-lasting, improve the blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and tone up the skin.


Keep in mind that low-quality intimate products are dangerous for your health. Therefore, don't rush to purchase the first available model of a hydro penis pump from questionable sellers. To protect your health and money, make sure to buy only from verified sellers and official distributors.


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